Welcome to my Vocalist pages!

I'm delighted to be performing 'A Love Letter to New York' at this year's Edinburgh Fringe! With a line-up of superb musicians on piano, bass, drums, violin and cello (first time working with strings - super excited!)  we'll play you tunes from Leonard Bernstein to Lou Reed (and many in between!). We'll take you from Manhattan to Coney, the Bronx to Chelsea, down into the subway and across the Queensboro Bridge. 

Please join me as I sing a love letter to my home town with all it's glitz, glamour and grime!

DATES: 7th August 8.30pm, 14th & 28th August 7pm (1 hour show)

VENUE:  The Jazz Bar (venue 57 and my favourite Edinburgh venue )

TICKETS: click here!! (there will also be a limited number of tickets at the door, but a bit risky to wait until last minute and you're last in too!)

After the Fringe, I jump to Japan! More on that soon.... (butterflies of excitement in my stomach!)

Till soon



A bit more about me and my music... 

My music is an eclectic mix of styles and genres. It is full of music reflecting different stages in my life; from Cat Stevens to Cole Porter, punk to jazz and originals from more recent times.

Brought up in New York City, Woodstock, New Mexico and occasionally a red van, I was surrounded by art and music from the start. Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Phoebe Snow (to name but a few!) were the soundtrack of my childhood. My grandparents loved the big band swing era filling my ears when I visited them on Long Island. Teenhood started with a ‘Gabba Gabba Hey’ – the Ramones being my first major concert... Then came jazz...   Enough about me... let's listen to some of the music...