Hello! Welcome to my website. Hopefully you’ll find what you want here, but if in doubt please drop me a line.

All the work I do is connected – it’s all to do with music in one way or another. As a Vocalist, I’m working with wonderful musicians, touring and performing, composing and continuously trying to stretch myself and my ear. As a Music Practitioner.

Although originally from New York, I’m now based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I regularly travel to the USA and Europe for workshops and performance as well as inspiration and collaboration.

All my life I have been singing, 'tralalaing' my way through the world. As a child I would perform for family and the myriad of colourful characters hanging around our house. My whole family is creative and artistic… My father paints and sculpts, my mother is a weaver and printmaker, one of my brothers paints and is a creative engineer (making bizarre and interesting things out of electronics) and my other brother is a photographer, poet and musician. I am the singer in the family...

Brought up in New York City, Woodstock, New Mexico and occasionally a red van, I was surrounded by art and music from the start. My mother loved Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Phoebe Snow (to name but a few!) making them the soundtrack of my childhood. My grandparents loved the big band swing era, Ella Fitzgerald and Judy Garland - and that music filled my ears when I visited them on Long Island Teenhood started with a ‘Gabba Gabba Hey’ – the Ramones being my first major concert. Therein started my punk days. The music of that era still grabs me and I continue to look for inspiration from my favourite bands – X, The Clash, Minor Threat, Violent Femmes and many more (such memorable gigs and times!).

As far back as I can remember my father has been painting. As a child I used to sit up well into the night watching his paintings evolve as he worked – from this I learned that the process, or journey, is as valuable, if not more so, than the final product. My father doesn’t plan how his paintings will turn out, he just strives to convey something honest and true in his work. This is all I strive for in my music making – an honest and truthful telling of a story. When the song, the collaboration and the vibe is right, the rest of it happens by itself...