Inspirations & Influences

We all take inspiration from so many places and I’m often caught off guard by an inspirational moment or person in the oddest of situations. Most of the time, I am inspired by participants and students I work with. These little tiny instances when you see someone shift – have an experience that can be minute but powerful. Those get me every time.

My brother Raphael and his lovely wife Deeanna and my extraordinarily talented brother Damian. Also to my grandparents who have all been an inspiration at one time or another, they were Capitalists and Communists – miles apart, yet all loving and creative in their own way. And my parents - Isaac and Rachel who have been such great, creative, inventive, risk taking, artistic, intelligent, kind, caring, loving, accepting, generous, human, fun, silly, surreal, super, savvy, unwavering in their belief in me, parents. I wish I could put into words what they mean to me.