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'Abrams finds her own meaning in each lyric and makes it her own'
Jazz UK
'Her voice has a gorgeous soft tone ... invites you in and makes you feel so good, you won't want to leave'.
Jazzwise Magazine, UK
'She is a ‘storyteller’ who takes you along the road of precious memories'
Jazz Flits Magazine, NL
'Her soft voice sounds authentic, fragile and at the same time convincing.'
Jazz Flits, NL
'Her singing has a feeling of timing and intonation that bring the words alive.'
Jazz Flits Magaine, NL
'Peel me a grape dances from your speakers and an electrifying emotion fills the best songs like The Wind by Cat Stevens and Harpo's Blues by Phoebe Snow.'
Daily Trouw Newspaper, NL
“Jess, why do you always answer a question with a question?”“Why, does it bother you?”“Yes, but I think I know why you do it.” Peter, age 14 Music Practitioner